Customize Your Dhol

We’re taking things to another level… customize your dhol right here! We are officially the worlds first company to launch this…

This form is only for persons who intend to purchase a dhol and must not be used to contact our team. If you’d like to contact our team, click here and fill in the form. Please visit our Buying Guide before customizing your dhol.

Please specify the size in Inches. The size specified may not be exact when the product is manufactured. We will get the measurements as close as possible to what you require

*Subject to availability

If unsure please visit our Accessories store to view the skins and for skin description.

Marin/Marlow rope may vary in price depending on the quality and the length required

Platte around Dhol? YesNo

Platte different colour to chosen rope YesNo
Rope may vary in price depending on the quality and the length required

Please visit our accessories store to see available rope colours.

The cost of the mic will depend on the model you choose. We offer to install a mic if you supply. Installation charges will apply*

Please give detailed information if you require anything else.

The “Customize Your Dhol” form is just a guide to help you and our team build an ideal Dhol for you. Some parts are subject to availability and pictures of our parts may be different to the actual product.

– Your request can take up to 5 working days to be assessed
– All quotes are given based on what information you have provided
– Our team may contact you to obtain more detailed information
– Any changes made to the information given may effect your quote
– To order a shell only please contact us using the contact form with the specification you need
– Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information

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