Terms & Conditions


 THE DHOL COMPANY specialises in custom made Dhol’s and Shell’s.

    • When placing your order you must provide as much information as possible for us to deliver you a product that meets your needs.
    • Clients will be shown pictures of the stock we have and for you to choose from. The final product may look different to the photos.
    • The price of each product includes the cost of overseas shipping and handling, customs fee, VAT at 20% and includes Delivery to one address. Please note if you want the THE DHOL COMPANY to custom make your product for you and deliver it there will be a delivery charge. Alternatively you can collect.
    • After you have chosen your desired product a 50% deposit of the overall quote is due. The remainder to be paid on delivery/collection. Payments only accepted through a bank transfer or cash.
    • Once the order of your product is made it can take up to 2 weeks for it to arrive to THE DHOL COMPANY.
    • When ordering a custom made Dhol from THE DHOL COMPANY it can take anything from 2 to 8 weeks for completion from the time the raw material arrives into the UK to THE DHOL COMPANY workshop. Please be aware this is just an estimated length of time and may vary due to the weather conditions.
    • THE DHOL COMPANY will inform you the day your product arrives.
    •  All products are checked upon arrival to ensure there is no damage and that it meets the requirements of our clients and that it meets THE DHOL COMPANY quality standards.
    • If the product is damaged when received by THE DHOL COMPANY the client will be informed and an option to select another product will be given or a deduction offered or a full refund. Full refunds will be given once we get a clearance from our factory suppliers (INDIA).
    • The price’s that you are quoted will include all materials and tools needed to complete your product. Any additional requirements will be chargeable to you and will be added to your final invoice.




  • THE DHOL COMPANY offer to buy used dhols depending on its condition and general specification. We do not offer part exchange.
  • THE DHOL COMPANY will apply a selling fee of a minimum of £30* for any Dhol it sells on behalf of you. You will not be charged for us to advertise your Dhol for you.
  • THE DHOL COMPANY offer to sell your Dhol on behalf of you and therefore will require as much information and as many pictures pictures as possible. We will only accept good quality pictures. THE DHOL COMPANY has no obligation to sell your product in any space of time.
  • The price of the Dhol for sale is entirely up to the owner. We will value your product and give you a more realistic valuation.
  • Once your Dhol has a buyer and is sold it is the original owners responsibility to deliver the product/arrange with the buy a collection. THE DHOL COMPANY has no involvement and is not responsible for this.
  • THE DHOL COMPANY will take the selling fee from the buy as a deposit for the product and the remainder is to paid to the seller by the buyer.

* Any Dhol up to £220. Dhols that exceed this price will be charged more



THE DHOL COMPANY provide a full repair and refurbishment service and offer a wide range of accessories for your Dhol. We supply accessories such as:

  • Sticks (tilli, dagga)
  • Base skin
  • Treble skin(remo available)
  • Treble ring
  • Hooks and bolts
  • Dhol sockets (Standard) 
  • Rings (Thing and Thick)
  • Rope (Marine Rope available in different colours) 
  • Strap (Different thickness. White and black available)
  • Stick bag
  • Dhol cases (hardcase/padded bags)

Please allow up to 48 hours for stock if our of stock. If you require any of the above to be fitted please request the price including fitting. Note: we have 2 options for the fitting service:

  1. A standard service (up to 1 week)
  2. Express service (within 24 – 48 hours. Extra charge of £10 applicable)

We offer a repair service for your Dhol. We can repair most cracks and chips depending on the type of wood your Dhol is made from and how bad the damage is. Our craftsmen and Dholtichians will review the damage before any work is undertaken. The price for the repair will also include materials that we may need to purchase.

If you wish to have your Dhol refurbished our Dholtichian will need to see your Dhol before any work is undertaken. Refurbishment of a Dhol may involve sanding down, paint stripping and filling.

  • THE DHOL COMPANY will advise you on what would be the best options for you but will not make a decision for you.
  • All jobs taken require a 50% deposit of the overall quote and the remainder to be paid on collection/deliver. Payments only accepted through a bank transfer or cash.
  • Our Dholtichians will carry out the work at the highest level of quality at all times. Customers must specify exactly what they want done to their Dhol.
  • The work can take anything up to 4 weeks from the date of booking in. This will depend on what needs to be done to the dhol i.e if you require us to treat it using our oils, staining, paint/stain stripping and varnishing. The completion time can vary depending on the weather conditions.




At the dhol company we believe it is important for every musician to keep their instruments maintained and in good condition. This benefit’s the musician when performing and the lifetime of the instrument increases.

With all our Dhol’s made we offer one free FDI for 12 months. We recommend that your dhol is checked every 3-6 months depending on how often it is used. The Dhol’s made at The DHOL Company are made with perfection and with attention to detail for peace of mind to the user for many years to come. As Dhol’s are transported everywhere and has skins which are beaten, it is important for these to be checked for any damage and wear and tear. I is also important for the actual wood/shell to be checked both inside and outside for any natural wood flaking or damage.

What is an FDI?
An FDI is a Full Dhol Inspection where our Dholtician’s take the dhol apart and inspect every single part of the dhol.


What does an FDI involve?
Our Dholtician’s take the dhol apart and inspect the inside of the shell and the outside of the shell. We also check the condition of the rope to make sure there are no kinks  or wear and tear. We check the skins to ensure they have no rips or hols from both sides and we will check the condition of all metal parts for any rusting or corrosion. After careful examining we will then assemble the dhol and retune the base and treble.


What if any part of my dhol is damaged?
If we find any part of the dhol damaged we will notify you instantly. If there are any small cracks, minor chips or flaking of the shell inside and outside we will repair this using natural fillers at no extra cost. For any major damages there will be an additional charge depending on the extent of the damage. Other parts such as, treble skin, base skin, rope, metal parts and strap are chargeable to replace.


How long will I be without my dhol?
A typical FDI can take just 48 hours from collection/drop off. If there is work to be carried out in addition then this may take a few days longer. As part of our bespoke service we will give you a courtesy dhol* to use till we get yours back you at no extra cost.


How much does an FDI cost?
A typical FDI will cost £40 provided the dhol is dropped off to us. This will cover the cost for the  abour and any materials if needed. An additional charge will be applied for collection/delivery. If you purchased on of The DHOL Company Dhol’s then you are entitled to 1 free FDI within 12 months from the date of purchase. For any major damages there will be an additional charge depending on the extent of the damage. Other parts such as, treble skin, base skin, rope, metal parts and strap are chargeable to replace.


* This is optional and subject to availability. The courtesy dhol is a standard size dhol. We don’t offer like for like or a specific request.



THE DHOL COMPANY provide professional Dhol players. All our Dhol players are experienced, approved and authorised to perform on behalf of THE DHOL COMPANY. Our drummers are trained to the highest level before crewed out to perform to ensure you get a good quality service. Upon request our Dhol players can be traditionally or smartly dressed. All bookings will require a deposit of £20 or 20% which ever is higher, to secure and confirm the booking.

When booking Dhol players we need the following information:

  1. DATE: please specify the date/s of the event/s
  2. TIME/DURATION: please specify the times from and to
  3. OCCASION: please specify if this is a wedding entrance or performing with DJ
  4. LOCATION: please include the full address of the venue including the post code
  5. NUMBER OF DHOL PLAYERS: please specify how many Dhol players you need. The price may vary depending on your request
  6. DRESS CODE: please specify a dress code for our Dhol players. Traditional outfits can be colour coordinated to your occasions(subject to availability)

Returns for Customized Products

Unfortunately, The DHOL Company is unable to accept returns for customized products.


International Shipping / Local Delivery 

  • We offer international shipping and delivery. Postage and packaging costs apply.
  • Local Delivery cost depends on the location.


  • Music Controls

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