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The last 9 years has seen substantial growth for Dhoom Foundation in strength and quality and now with its new name, The DHOL Company it aims to dominate the Dhol industry. The development has enabled us to participate in some of the biggest events taken place in the UK.  Our presence have been welcomed at all London universities, performing at some of the most exquisite venues such as The Queens Theatre, London Palladium and The Bloomsbury.  Dhoom Foundation have also toured around Europe providing entertainment for many corporate and private functions.

Our drummers are available for hire all over the UK and overseas.  We provide Dhol services for Entrance’s at weddings, Mehndi nights, Geet nights, parades, charity events, corporate events, fashion shows, playing alongside DJs, carnivals and much more.  We work with you to provide you the best service possible and to ensure we make your special occasion a memorable event.


Over the past 3 years London School of Dhol has shown fast growth and high quality teaching standards. Currently the most popular Dhol School in the UK we meet the workforce behind this amazing organisation.



At London School of Dhol

Jay Junior – Founder and Teacher
Over the past 8 years Jay has developed his skills in playing and Teaching Dhol. He has played all over the UK and parts of Europe with Dhoom Foundation. 2009 was a stepping stone for Jay when he founded London School of Dhol. With his ability to teach Jay has created a community of Dhol students from all ages and backgrounds. Jay runs one of the most popular and established Dhol School in the UK. His vision and aim for London School of Dhol has taken the school from being a small venture to now the fastest growing professional Dhol School in the UK and a growing empire. Now with a new brand, The DHOL Company, the empire surely looks to be growing fast and strong.


Kunil – Senior Student/Teacher
One of the most dedicated members of DhoomFoundation still stands by. Kunil has played dhol for over 5 years. His knowledge, skill and ability to perform has seen a huge progress. Kunil’s passion for dhol has been recognised by many and he is a role model for most. Kunil’s commitment and dedication to London School of Dhol has shown a big change in him as a person. He now teaches at London School of Dhol and continues to strive for success.


Kishen – Senior Student/ Teacher
With over 3 years of dhol playing experience, Kishen has shown a huge improvement in his ability to teach and perform. Kishen has been involved in many performances by DhoomFoundation. He has shown 100% commitment to both organisations and plays a key role. His ideas and ways of interacting with students has inspired our students to be just like him. Kishen is one of our best student and key leader and has worked his way up to now pass down his knowledge and skills learnt to others.


Jaisin – Senior Student/Teacher
Jaisin has been with London School of Dhol for 3 years. With experience gained prior to joining London School of Dhol  over the past 5 years he has shown huge progress in playing dhol and has now started to perform at functions, shows and with DJ’s. At just 15 years of age Jaisin is a role model to many age groups of people. He has developed as an individual and shown dedication and commitment at all times. He now plays a key role in the school as one of the teachers and is leading the students to where he is.


Kamran – Senior Student/Teacher
Kamran has been with London School of Dhol for almost 1 year. He had learnt dhol many years back and was taught in the traditional way. Kamran has given his own touch and brings his style into London School of Dhol. A perfectionist in his own way. His aim is to make students understand the importance of technique, power and stamina and now works with a number of students training them every week to be the best. His presence is key to the school and many students enjoy his company as a teacher. He has shown so much passion for dhol and strives to not only be good but make others better than him.


Why not be part of the LSoD Family. We welcome professional Dhol players and senior students who would like to be part of the ever growing London School of Dhol. Be a volunteer and teach your talent to other people. Share your skills and empower other students. For more information on how to get involved  click here and fill in the form.

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